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Marriage visa (non-immigrant O visa)


The non-immigrant O visa or the marriage visa is a long-term visa issued to foreign nationals married to a Thai national.

Length of stay


You will first need to obtain a 90-day non-immigrant O visa at the Thai Embassy or consulate outside Thailand. Once you have received the non-immigrant visa, you will need to travel to Thailand to activate the non-immigrant O visa.


Within 90-days of entering Thailand, the visa holder can apply for a one-year extension. Before the extension ends, you can apply to extend it for another year. When you have lived in Thailand for three years, you can apply for a Thai permanent residency.


Requirements for the marriage visa

Requirements to meet when applying for the marriage visa are:


Passport with a validity of not less than six months

  • Visa application

  • Passport-sized photo

  • Copy of the Thai marriage certificate

  • Copy of your Thai wife’s identification card

  • Copy of your Thai wife’s Tabien Baan

  • Three-month bank statement with funds not less than THB 400,000 or a copy of your income statement showing THB 40,000 per month

In the case of a Thai husband, the foreign wife is not required to show a monthly income. However, the Thai husband must provide proof of paying Thai personal income tax.

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